Scenario 6: Coalition Sanctions Enforcement Operation


The objective is to provide a scenario where a coalition of nations, under the direction of a lead nation, is engaged in a potentially long-term sanctions enforcement operation.


Corruption by a government leads to UN sanctions being applied to that country. Coalition forces deploy to enforce UN resolutions, with sanction busters using both sea and land routes to move contraband goods into and out of the country. The military forces deployed by the coalition will include strong intelligence gathering capabilities, monitoring forces in border areas and air-mobile forces able to deploy rapidly to remote areas where illegal activities are detected.

Aspects of Coalition Geospatial Support

The lead nation that commands the deployment of military forces will provide the central command for geospatial support operations. Given the nature of the military operation, nations are brought together from an existing coalition that has predetermined procedures for geospatial support. A moderate amount of time is available to prepare and plan for the operations. Given the long period (potentially one or more years) when support must be provided, coalition procedures have a chance to become well-refined. The operational tempo for geospatial support is low but with sporadic high activities when sanction busting activities are detected. For rapid response, in-theatre capabilities are critical.