Project Activities

Below is a list of current project activities which are in work, or are to be place in work within the next 6 months. For a detailed listing of project activities and scheduled reviews click here.

Last updated: 4 January 2021

Note that project identifiers (e.g. P1.02) are based on the Panel assignment and the sequential numbering of projects in that Panel.

  • P1 – Vector Data
  • P2: Imagery and Gridded Data
  • P3: Metadata
  • P4: Portrayal
  • P5: Geospatial Web Services
ProjectProject NameStageEnd date (yyyy-mm)Description
P1.02Defence Topographic Map (DTM), 1:50,000 – Data Product Specification22021-11The aim of this project is to develop a new topographic map specification (1:50,000 scale) which reflects current requirements collected from military end users.
P1.03Defence City Map (DCM) – Data Product Specification22022-06The aim of the project is the development of a data product specification for an urban hardcopy map with a scale greater than 1:10.000.
P1.05Joint Operations Graphic – Air (JOG-A) – Data Product Specification12022-08The aim of this project is to develop a new chart specification (1:250,000 scale) which reflects current requirements collected from military end users.
P1.06Urban Data Model and Exchange Schema22021-10 
P1.07Defence Geospatial Information Framework Ed. 31 This work addresses new data concepts and modifications to existing data concepts to support new and emerging requirements. completion of this work will result in a new release of the Defence Geospatial Information Model (DGIM), Defence Geospatial Feature Concept Dictionary (DGFCD), and the Defence Geospatial Real World Object Index (DGRWI).
P1.08Data Product Specification for a Tactical Pilotage Chart (TPC)0 The aim of this project is to develop a new Tactical Pilotage Chart specification which reflects current chart requirements collected from the military end-users and improve consistency between the chart productions of various national institutes and agencies.
P1.09Human Geography  Data Model and Exchange Schema22021-07The aim of this project is to develop modelling solutions for the capture of human geography themes and data, and the solutions which facilitate the exchange.
P1.10Urban Vector Data Model and Exchange Schema22021-08The aim of this project is to develop a feature catalogue and  GML application schema to support data collection. The feature catalogue is to be a derivative of the Defence Geospatial Information Model (DGIM)
P2.03Data Product Specification for Raster Graphics/Raster MapsNote 2020-07-06: This project is completed and closed. See DGIWG 254, Data Product Specification Implementation Profile52020-08The aim of this project is to develop a specification which standardises the exchange of raster graphics/raster maps data products. The specification is to define a set of standardised scales between 5M and 5k for resolutions of 254 dpi and 300 dpi, in addition to quality requirements, metadata and encoding rules for various raster formats (GMLJP2, GeoTIFF, and NSIF/NITF if required).
P2.04Data Product Specification for OrthoimageryNote 2021-05-05: This project is complete and closed. See DGIWG 255.52021-05The aim of this project is to develop a specification which standardises the resolutions (such as 5, 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 meter), metadata and quality measures for orthoimagery products, and utilises multiple encoding (e.g. GMLJP2, GeoTIFF, NSIF)
P2.05Sensor Web Enablement (SWE)22021-12The aim of this work is to identify OGC Sensor Web Enablement standards for endorsement and provide guidance in order to address existing limitations in discoverability, accessibility, comprehensibility, trustworthiness, security, and interoperability for sensor information and observation data, across the range  of computing environments for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.
P3.05Metadata Specification for Urban Vector Data32021-08The aim of this project is to develop a metadata specification for urban data that is compliant with DGIWG 114: DGIWG Metadata Foundation.
P4.01Symbology for Web Display of Data and Products 1 This project aims is to develop a set of default symbols for display in a web service environment. The output will define display levels and respective symbol sets.
P4.04Symbol Encoding (SE)22022-04The aim of this project is to  develop a general guide for OGC’s Symbol Encoding (SE) in order to facilitate  common renderings of symbols.
P4.06Standard Colours22021-10The aim of this project is to develop an artefact containing standardised colour definitions for cartographic screen display and hardcopy map/chart printing within the Defence environment.
P5.03GeoPackage22022-04The intent of this project is to contribute to the development of OGC’s GeoPackage standard, and the development of extensions (e.g. routes) required by the defence community. as GeoPackage matures as a standard, implementation guidance will be developed to support its application and use in the defence community.
P5.05Web Processing Service22022-04This project aims to define implementation criteria for OGC’s Web Processing Service (WPS) 2.0, which includes specific geospatial process profiles required within the military environment.


  • 0 = Planning and scheduling
  • 1 = Pre-Draft (writing activity leading to the completion of a first draft)
  • 2 = Working Draft
  • 3 = Customer Validation
  • 4 = Ballot 
  • 5 = Publication