Defence Geospatial Standards Baseline (DGSB)

The Defence Geospatial Standards Baseline (DGSB) is a document prepared and issued by the Defence Geospatial Information Working Group (DGIWG) for use by participating nations. It is intended to serve as a technical reference to guide and enable interoperability of geospatial information and services amongst the respective defence organisations of participating nations.

The standardisation documents defined in this document fall under to primary heading of “Recommend for adoption and use” or “Emerging.”  Standards listed as “Recommended for adoption and use” are published standards deemed essential to achieving designated interoperability objectives amongst participating nations. These standards, usually have undergone interoperability testing, or have had sufficient implementations whereby the performance and value has been measured and assessed and are therefore considered mature and stable.

Standards listed as “Emerging” are candidates for future consideration.   These standards are generally untested and lack implementations. Emerging standards may also include standards that are in draft, but  are far enough along in the process where no substantive technical changes are expected prior to their publication.

The document, when complete, will be made available to the general public via this web site.  Expected release of this document is mid 2021. For those members who have portal accounts,a draft version of the document may be accessed here.

Inquiries and questions regarding this document are to be directed to the Secretary (