Scenario 4: Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation


The objective is to provide a scenario where a number of nations offer support to a non-combatant evacuation operation undertaken by one nation within a country-of-concern. These nations may not necessarily be part of a formal coalition – their interest being the health and safety of their own or other civilians present in the country-of-concern.


A deteriorating situation in a country where law and order has broken down results in a decision by a group of states to evacuate their nationals from the country-of-concern. One nation assumes overall responsibility for co-ordination of evacuation arrangements, with a variety of nations offering support. All foreign nationals who wish to leave are evacuated under these arrangements, regardless of any direct involvement by their own governments. Military forces for this operation will include support helicopters, defensive troops and either a naval/amphibious force or troops manning facilities provided in a neighbouring stable country.

Aspects of Coalition Geospatial Support

Geospatial support comes from nations who are members and non-members of formal coalition. For those who are members of coalitions, procedures for collaboration for geospatial support exist; however, they do not exist for non-members. Geospatial products and services may be offered with uncertain interoperability. Nevertheless, this information is very important for planning. The operational tempo is high.