Scenario 3: Coalition Counter-Terrorist Operation


The objective is to provide a scenario demonstrating the cooperation of coalition nations in exchanging intelligence information on a specific region-of-interest. This intelligence information will be used by one coalition member to plan and undertake counter-terrorist operations in the region-of-interest.


A terrorist group is based in a region-of-interest external to coalition member nations. Analysis from intelligence sources allows a counter-terrorist (CT) operation to be mounted by one nation, but with co-operation being given by other states to ensure national and/or coalition CT forces have the necessary information and support they need to mount a successful attack. Military capabilities will include use of precision weapons, air assault formations and special forces deployed into the region-of-interest.

Aspects of Coalition Geospatial Support

Member nations who are not involved with undertaking the counter-terrorist operation provide geospatial support from their national sites and not in-theatre. This support is predominantly in the exchange and integration of intelligence information. While this operation is not common for the coalition member nations, it can make use of many existing off-the-shelf products and services. The operational tempo is very high while the military operations are being undertaken.