Scenario 2: Coalition Peacekeeping Operation


The objective is to provide a scenario where a coalition is already present in a region-of-interest that has experienced war. The coalition provides peacekeeping and reconstruction operations.


Following fighting between warring factions in a specific region, coalition forces drawn from both within and outside NATO remain in the region to assist in development of stable government and rebuilding of the local economy. This coalition force has strong peace enforcement capabilities including armoured formations and airmobile troops. It also has significant civil affairs, engineering support and logistic service capabilities at its disposal. Command of the force is managed by a lead nation, with coalition troops from both NATO and non-NATO nations being integrated into one chain of command.

Aspects of Coalition Geospatial Support

The scenario covers a wide range of geospatial support activities, primarily at the operational level of planning. Geospatial support is provided to both military operations and civil engineering operations. With coalition members already having common experience with this type of scenario, it can be assumed that there is a high level of operational preparedness with many off-the-shelf products and services being readily applicable. The operational tempo is low.