Scenario 1: Coalition War Fighting Operation


The objective is to provide a scenario that depicts a coalition being established and deployed into a theatre for tactical war fighting operations.


Unacceptable activities carried out by a specific country result in UN resolutions being passed against that country. Subsequent contravention of these UN resolutions results in a coalition force being established with options for military deployment around and, if necessary, into this country. This coalition force has the capability to mount air operations using aircraft, unmanned air vehicles and stand-off missiles, employing both precision targeting techniques and conventional bombing methods. The force also includes both armoured and mechanised ground forces able to mount land based, amphibious and airborne assaults, using both conventional troops and special force formations. The coalition will have a lead nation and will include forces from nations drawn both from within NATO and outside it. 

Aspects of Coalition Geospatial Support

The scenario covers a wide range of geospatial support activities primarily at the tactical level of planning. With coalition members already having common experience with this type of scenario, it can be assumed that there is a high level of operational preparedness with many off-the-shelf products and services being readily applicable. The operational tempo is very high.