DGIWG Coordinators

This in an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the DGIWG Coordinators

Requirements Coordinator

The Requirements Coordinator gathers and assesses requirements from members and those entities which members engage, such as NATO, and various co-production programs, e.g. Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program (MGCP). They work collectively with the Technical Coordinator who adjudicates the requirements, with respect to defining the respective course of action required, to include level of resourcing.

The Requirements Coordinator will serve as the liaison between the defence community and DGIWG in the gathering of requirements and is responsible for assuring the needs of the military community, with respect to the interoperability of geospatial information and services, are appropriately captured.

Technical Coordinator

The Technical Coordinator is the senior technical advisor to the program of work, overseeing the work of the Technical Panels. The Technical Coordinator provides advice and guidance on program items related to specified customers’ needs or requirements for geospatial information and services.

The Technical Coordinator provides advice to the Requirements Coordinator regarding available technologies necessary to work off requirements and assesses whether DGIWG is able to respond (resource requirement versus state of resources), and in what timeframe.  The Technical Coordinator assists the Requirements in providing a resource assessment of the requirement; to include details regarding skill requirements.

Quality Coordinator

The Quality Coordinator is responsible to the DGIWG to develop and refine business processes and supporting artefacts that ensure a quality product is delivered to the customer. The Quality Coordinator is the lead of Panel 0 (zero) – Quality. Panel 0 manages the DGIWG terminology master and document suite templates. It supports DGIWG’s five Technical Panels by providing editorial review and quality control of DGIWG’s technical publications.

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator works to facilitate communications and information management amongst the DGIWG collective. The work of the Outreach Coordinator is to foster and build collaborative partnerships with the geospatial community (e.g. voluntary consensus forum), working to address common problems and issues with respect to geospatial interoperability.