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Defence Raster Product


The Implementation Profile for Defence Raster Product (DRP) describes the data content, structure and metadata requirements required to create a suite of Raster Map products covering the full range of scales for Defence raster cartographic products (Land and Air).

This profile specifies the multi-scale grid system (for standardized products, between 5M to 5k), content for raster maps and metadata (according to DMF), structure and tiling-scheme, according to standardized reference systems and projections, as well as delivery according to the DGIWG standardized encodings (GeoTIFF, GMLJP2 and NSIF) for Raster Map products in support of storage, access, exploitation and exchange.


DGIWG #Document Title (Click to Download)EditionEdition Date
254Defence Raster Product (DRP) Implementation Profile1.02020-06-12