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Web Symbology


DGIWG 130, Web Symbology, contains a set of symbols that were developed for portrayal feature data as web services across a full range of zoom levels. The symbols set may be used as a complete set or used as subsets. This project was initiated based on a requirement for portrayal suitable for web applications. Data Product Specifications provide detailed guidance for building single scale products for print products.

As part of the development of this spreadsheet, DGIWG participants developed prototypes and worked to develop symbols, colours and patterns that will render well within the scale bands. A new colour specification was also developed by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to provide hex colour values suitable for rendering within a web service.


DGIWG #Document Title (Click to Download)EditionEdition Date
130Web Symbology1.02020-07-24

Supporting Documents:

DGIWG #Document Title (Click to Download)EditionEdition Date
130 SD1Web Symbology User Guide1.02020-07-24