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Web Coverage Service


A Web Coverage Service (WCS) offers multi-dimensional coverage data for access over the Internet, which may be used for specific analysis on client side.

Unlike WMS, which returns portrayed images as static maps (rendered by the server), the WCS provides available data together with their detailed descriptions; defines a rich syntax for requests against these data; and returns data with its original semantics (instead of pictures) which may be interpreted, extrapolated, etc., and not just portrayed.

Unlike WFS, which returns discrete geospatial features, the Web Coverage Service returns coverages representing space/time-varying phenomena that relate a spatio-temporal domain to a (possibly multidimensional) range of properties.

This profile specifies:


DGIWG #Document Title (Click to Download)EditionEdition Date
119Defence Profile of OGC Web Coverage Service 2.0 1.0.02017-11-28