DGIWG Number Title Doc Type Edition Edition Date Description
908 DGIWG Portrayal Roadmap 3.0.0 2019-07-26 The Portrayal Roadmap focuses on standardisation requirements for symbology, symbol encoding and exchange, and ruleset creation. It highlights portrayal efforts to support capability and software development within the civil and defence user communities.
910 DGIWG Vector Roadmap 1.0.0 2019-09-16 The Vector Roadmap captures needs for the generation of standards and product specifications that facilitate the efficient exchange of vector-based geospatial information and products across the defence user communities. It defines the strategies and direction that ensures target level of interoperability are achieve across the producer and user communities.
909 DGIWG Web Services Roadmap 2.1.0 2019-10-09 The Web Service Roadmap captures the needs for geospatial web services and identifies relevant standards and new and emerging technologies that may provide solutions. It defines strategies for monitoring industry for the emergence of new technologies and path to influence the development or modification of standards in order to ensure Defence requirements met.
906 DGIWG Metadata Roadmap 2.3.0 2020-07-06 The Metadata Roadmap addresses interoperability goals and objectives requiring standards-based solutions for metadata and respective implementation criteria and guidance. The metadata program managers work collaboratively with members of the Defence Community to assess operational requirements and provide solutions for implementation in Defence architectures and system, with special focus on those used by NATO and NATO Nations for NATO lead operations.
907 DGIWG Imagery and Gridded Data Roadmap 4.5 2020-10-23 The Imagery and Gridded Data Roadmap addresses the encoding and exchange of geospatial imagery and gridded data/products, utilising a set of web services, with the aim to increase interoperability across the civil and defence user communities, including imagery intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and to provide standards for imagery and gridded data products.