Reference Architecture

The DGIWG is currently developing a reference architecture that defines the standards, implementation guides, and industry practices, which form a template solution for achieving interoperability of geospatial data, products, and services across an international network of independent systems and equipment. It is to serve as an authoritative reference to guide and facilitate instantiations of defence architectures of its member nations.

The reference architecture defines the ecosystem of systems and equipment and the standards required for the exchange and use of geospatial data and products. The reference architecture provides clear direction to members and defines the best practice(s) by which members can improve the interoperability of geospatial data, products, and systems. Its usage provides a framework for member nations in developing solutions for new and emerging capabilities, while reducing design effort and risk associated with non-interoperable designs and deployments. 

The timeline for the completion of this work is set for mid-2021. Below is a notional view of what a reference architecture may look like for a set of web services.