Vector Data Panel

Vector Model and Schema Team

Within the DGIWG P1 Vector Data panel, the Vector Model and Schema Team (VMST) constitutes the core DGIF maintenance body. The VMST is responsible for actively maintaining and evolving the DGIF content via a configuration management process that culminates in the production of three new data model content baselines per year.

This page provides additional resources for in demand content. Any documents or models that are under development will be noted.

Supplemental Resources

Most recent offline model downloads

Offline Models (Click to Download)File TypeEdition
DGIF Baseline 2022-3.eapxEnterprise Architect (Legacy)2022-3
DGIF Baseline 2022-3.qeaEnterprise Architect v162022-3
Workbooks (Click to Download)File TypeEdition
DGIM_2022_03_WorkbookMS Excel 2022-3

Quick Links to DGIWG Released Documents and Downloads

Supporting DGIWG Standards Index Pages and Downloads

TypePage Title (Internal Links)
DGIWG StandardGeo Information Model
DGIWG StandardGeo Information Framework
TypeDirect DownloadsFile TypeEdition
DGIWG RoadmapDGIWG Vector RoadmapPDF3.0.0

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